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Ambassador Committee

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Other Committees

Listed below are some other committees our Chamber offers as well as their descriptions and the board member(s) that is responsible for each comittee.


Advocacy committee is a go between for members and government. This committee deals with politics. Helps members get in touch with the correct politician to get things done.

Alex Barnett

The Events Committee is in charge of scheduling and maintaining the events and attendees. Some of the events include Soup and Sandwich Series, Monthly Spotlight Luncheon Series, Golf Scrambles, and Chocolate Craze. 

Rebecca Hensley, Treasurer

These are two committees combined. The purpose these committees serve is to welcome new members, residents of the community, and new businesses by putting together welcome packets and providing them with the information they need. 

Alex Barnett & Rian Johnson

The Nominating committee is in charge of hiring of the executive director as well as electing new board of directors members. 

Public Relations
Rian Johnson

The Public Relations committee is in charge of press releases, marketing, media blasts, Ambassadors, Newsletters, and web design info. 

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