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What is Leadership Bell County?

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About Leadership Bell County

Leadership Bell County is a 9 month program designed to identify, educate and inspire leaders to serve our community.  It also brings together individuals with diverse interest and expertise and challenges them to increase their knowledge of Bell County and deepen their community engagement. 


Participants should become familiar with the community, its opportunities, needs, problems, and resources.  


To develop current and future leadership with information, skills, and network opportunities to make positive changes in our community. 

To enhance personal and professional growth while participants gain awareness of current issues, community resources and social, political and economic needs of the community.  

  • Conflict Management

  • Strengths Development and Coaching

  • Assertiveness and Crucial Conversations

  • Leadership vs Management

  • Goal Setting and Visioning

  • Problem Solving and Mental Agility

  • Feedback and Accountability 

  • Leadership Ethics

  • History and Culture

  • Local Government

  • Economic Development

  • Tourism and Recreation

  • Education


Participation in Leadership Bell County is a competitive process open to persons living or working in Bell County. A maximum of twenty individuals will be appointed to participate in the program.


Participants will be chosen by the Leadership Bell County Selection Committee based upon the information completed on this application. The Committee will be seeking representation from a cross-section of the county.


These leaders and potential leaders will be active in business, education, the arts, religion, government, community-based organizations, ethnic and minority groups and will reflect the diversity of the county.

Applicants must have a vested interest in Bell County and have the full support of the organization or corporation they represent.

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